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Nobinge Now Uses GPT-4o Behind the Hood

Benjamin Crozat
Benjamin Crozat May 13, 2024

Hello everyone,

I'm Benjamin Crozat, the founder of Nobinge, and I’m excited to share a significant upgrade that will enhance your experience with our platform.

Nobinge now leverages the power of GPT-4o, bringing you faster, more efficient, and cost-effective performance.

Nobinge now uses GPT-4o under the hood.

Why GPT-4o?

Our switch to GPT-4o is driven by several key reasons that align with our commitment to providing you with the best possible service:

I invite you to try out Nobinge with GPT-4o and see the difference it makes. We are confident that this upgrade will significantly enhance your learning and research processes, making Nobinge an even more indispensable tool for your needs.